Doctors are supposed to be our best friends when it comes to anything and everything medical-related. So it is both surprising and confusing why some people simply do not trust doctors. While there may be valid reasons for this, there are also reasons that are quite funny – or weird. Here are five of them:

1. My partner/spouse has been nagging me, forcing me to see the doctor.

This may not be the number one reason for most people, but it is for some. Some people do not like it when they are pushed or forced to do something they do not like. Others simply do not want to give in to their better half or partner because they want to feel they are on top of everything. Okay.

2. Going to the doctor is expensive. I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money!

Well, you’ll spend more if you don’t get checked by your doctor soon! Some people think that paying your doctor to tell you what you need to do to stay fit and healthy is a waste of money. Oh, well. Maybe they’d rather spend their money on their vices? When it comes to your health, it is better to spend some money for a doctor’s check-up rather than spend thousands of dollars on your hospital bill. If you take your health for granted, you will end up spending more than you can ever imagine in your later years, when the consequences of your actions in your younger years start showing up. Would you want that?

3. I feel uncomfortable seeing a doctor. I don’t like to discuss intimate stuff with him.

Doctors are professionals. They are trained to treat all their patients in a confidential manner. Whatever you disclose to him will be between the two of you (and other doctors, if there is a need). Talking to your doctor is not like spreading gossip. You’re simply sharing facts with him so the two of you can determine what’s wrong and what can be done about it. In other words, talking and opening up to your doctor is a constructive activity because it results in a concrete solution.

4. I don’t like paying doctors because they don’t really do anything for me.

This is so wrong on all counts. Doctors talk to you and help you find out what’s wrong with you. That’s doing something. Doctors determine what tests you need to take and help you understand the results. That’s doing something. Doctors diagnose, help you make sense of the diagnosis, and help cure whatever is ailing you. That is doing something.

5. I do not have a doctor, so it is okay for me not to see one.

This is weird because you can always find a doctor who will suit your liking or your needs. All you have to do is ask for recommendations from family and friends. Also, if you have insurance, your agent can always give you suggestions as they normally have a list of partner-doctors. You can also use the Internet by doing an online research of doctors who have clinics in your area.

So, which weird reason is yours?

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