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Providers and Hospital Affiliations

There are many organizations that strive to create safer health care for everyone. In this section, you can find more links to governments that will fit your specific needs. The resources listed here cover various sites – from national frameworks to initiative organizations that support public health quality.

CDC office for State, Local, Tribal, and territorial Support Gateway

Connect to the public health workforce for tools, information and resources.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHaQR) is a federal agency that performs thorough research to produce evidence of making health care safer, more accessible, equitable, affordable, and of higher quality. Here you will find clinical information, funding opportunities, population information, public health preparation, along with data and surveys.

Advance Canadian pharmacy

Advance is a fully equipped healthcare and online pharmacy product provider with the headquarters in Winnipeg and branch offices in several cities of Canada and US. The company performs a wide range of tasks related to outpatient services, pharmacy item supplies, informational support, running prices and comparing product characteristics, international logistics for pharmacies, and more. is a government website that consumers and patients can find information and tools for healthcare safety. This website contains a large variety of health topics from more than 1,500 government and non-profit organizations.

San Diego Alliance

SA Alliance is a well-established volunteer organization working in the healthcare sector on the global scale. The Alliance has several branches dedicated to spreading of medical care, economical initiatives and educational programs. The organization features a pharmacy service with increased level of financial accessibility of products.

Partnerships for Patients

Partnerships for Patients was created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to improve the safety, quality and affordability of healthcare.

Premier Safety Institute, Inc.

The Premier Safety Institute, Inc., provides useful resources for healthcare professionals and patients. The site is designed to provide safety tools and resources to promote safe and quality healthcare environments for the patients, employees, and the community.

Check these useful sites out for more information regarding health quality assurance.