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The website of HQA does not provide medical advice. All the content and information published on the website, including drug descriptions, directions for use, blog posts, informational articles, and any other texts and graphics published in any section of the site, is created by our staff, freelance writers, or obtained from third-party sources for informational purposes only.

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HQA is not responsible for any information contained in the third-party links published in any part of the site. Those links are provided only for your convenience: HQA does not recommend using any services or undertaking any treatments any based on the links. HQA does not recommend purchasing any drugs or services; your decision to buy them should base only on physician advice, otherwise, it is solely on your own responsibility.

HQA is not responsible for any information that can be posted by users as comments or product reviews. HQA is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur due to a human factor or technical problems. By accessing the site, you acknowledge that any information on the website cannot substitute medical advice and you are recommended to consult a physician before making decisions on treatment, dosage, and any other related concern.