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About Our Company

Here at, our readers find our magazine to be more in-depth and engaging compared to other healthcare trade magazines. We strive to make our articles more accessible based on more than peer medical journals.

HQA is known throughout the health industry for its in-depth reporting of success patient safety and improvements in the healthcare programs that were implemented in a hospital setting. There healthcare improvement and patient safety program profile are written by experts in the medical field who share their experience, process, and improvement results.

HQA is one of the few publications that deliver your advertisements in a beneficial way. Our readers include quality improvement executives, patient safety officers, risk managers, executive nurses, infection control managers, pharmacy directors and more.

HQA strives to ensure that you reach the best decision-maker when they need your product and service the most. We deliver featured articles and news on quality in the healthcare industry through our e-newsletter and on our website at

HQA Magazine contains a diverse quality of articles for a diverse readership. Our digital presence and expertise has allowed us to share the information on quality assurance with tools to serve the many niche audiences look for. We provide more than journalistic cover as we follow the current research and updates in the safety of health care.

We provides editorial content, videos, live broadcasts, and on-demand webinars presented by industry experts on international quality standards, manufacturing, leadership, metrology, training, statistical process control, and more.