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Telemedicine for Erectile Dysfunction and Door-to-Door Courrier Service

What is Telemedicine?

If you feel something’s wrong with your well-being, you schedule a visit to your medical practitioner to discuss the diagnoses, treatment, and primary care measures. But what if something happens unpredictably? What if there’s a possibility to get out for another consultation with a doctor? Communication technologies are developing, and telemedicine services are miraculous tools available anywhere and anytime. There’s no need to leave your comfortable home when you have a chance to discuss everything remotely.

Telemedicine Types

Telemedicine is not a panacea or a miracle drug for all medical conditions. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most popular medical tools when it comes to the talks about very delicate conditions, such as Premature ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction. ED is one of the most common conditions men are not willing to talk about face-to-face.

Of course, discussing the symptoms and interacting with a medical practitioner remotely makes the process more convenient for the patients with the conditions they feel uncomfortable talking about. Telemedicine is a developed infrastructure. It has several differences in comparison with telehealth services.

There are three types of ED and general healthcare medicine:

Interactive It’s real-time communication between a patient and a physician. Online services are the source of live telemedicine for those who can’t see the doctor as often as needed. You’ll get cheaper meds and urgent professional support.
Remote Monitoring It’s one of the most convenient options when your doctor or anyone monitoring your health has access to the data collected by the medical equipment. Sugar levels, blood pressure, temperature, and numerous health indicators can tell your doctor enough even if he’s away.
Store & Forward It’s sharing of information between different healthcare providers and pharma specialists. It’s convenient for the residents of the rural areas. Medical practitioners in these places can be highly trained but without satisfying medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Nevertheless, they can exchange the data with the medical and pharmaceutical centers online, so that the specialists could take care of the data and analyze it properly.

Erectile Dysfunction & Telemedicine

There’s always a chance to skip the trip to the physician’s office because a prompt telemedicine consultation for erectile dysfunction is always available one time or monthly. The process is simple:

  • You’ll have to visit your physician. It’s one of the toughest emotional steps to go through.
  • You’ll need to collect the data about your latest medical check-up so that your physician could pick out the right medication course for you.
  • You’ll have to pick out one of the telemedicine medication services online – customer and patients’ reviews will come in handy. A company’s reputation is, arguably, its biggest asset, because it reflects the true value of the service, as is the case with that has been shaping for almost 20 years, leaning on the extensive experience in the field of outpatient multi-service, primary and urgent care, as well as ED medications and men’s health services.
  • You’ll need to share the prescription medical check-up data from your doctor with one of the specialists so that he could check whether the prescription is suitable for you or not.

You’ll always have a possibility to get in touch with the pharmacist if you feel something’s wrong with your medication course. He will get in touch with your physician and discuss the possible replacement for the current medication course.

How It Works

A medical practitioner follows a patient and evaluates whether a chosen erectile dysfunction treatment is effective or not remotely. It’s personalized guidance tuned up to the specific needs of every patient. It’s very convenient to get your ED pills regularly to your door. The packages are discreet and arranged properly so that you could get your medications on time and in mint condition.

ED telemedicine is a confidential service destined to help patients without any hassle. It’s one of the most fundamental things when it comes to the members of the LGBT community or anyone who knows that love has no boundaries. There’s no need to experience discomfort while visiting a doctor face-to-face regularly – remote interaction cuts corners and gives you a chance not to go outside for another consultation with a doctor concerning your intimate problem.

There are several steps you’ll have to get through before you get access to the ED telemedicine service:

  • STEP ONE: Consultation. You should initiate the ED telemedicine process with a doctor via a smartphone and a mobile application destined to keep you and your doctor connected and share your healthcare data.
  • STEP TWO: Prescription. Your current healthcare data, as well as the information about your latest medical check-ups, will help your doctor consult a pharmacy about the prescription drugs and change the current treatment options for more effective and cheaper ones.
  • STEP THREE: Follow Up. Monthly and annual telemedicine prepaid consultations and prescriptions are more convenient than the ones available for free. Most ED patients agree that it’s better to pay for remote consultation with an experienced practitioner than to arrange a free consultation with a doctor in a traditional way in an urgent situation.

Telemedicine vs Traditional Consultations

Remote ED Telemedicine Traditional ED Treatment
  • You save much money and cut corners on your regular ED expenses, as well as on general healthcare expenses.
  • You get the prescription pills discreetly packed right to your door.
  • You can alter your prescription instantly. If you feel like you have to change the dosage or switch to a different ED medication, remote pharmacists and physicians will help you.
  • There’s no need to get to the doctor’s office for another consultation.
  • Refills are available online — you don’t have to get to one of the local brick-and-mortar pharmacies for a set of monthly prescription meds.
  • You’ll have to fit in the schedule of your busy doctor.
  • You’ll have to meet face-to-face for the discussion of alterations in your ED prescription med list.
  • Waiting for an appointment with a doctor can become a burden, especially in the pandemic atmosphere, where every doctor is as busy as a bee.
  • You’ll have to pay for the unpredictable and non-scheduled visits to the doctor if it’s an unplanned consultation.
  • Co-pays are almost always unavoidable when it’s about sexual health problems.

ED Telemedicine FAQs

What are the types of remote ED treatment delivery?

Usually, there are on-time consultations and yearly subscriptions for regular patients. The payment options depend on the medical provider. You can get the pharmaceutical goods properly packed right from one of your local pharmacies.

Why is ED telemedicine better than a visit to a physician’s office?

An online treatment option is prompt and more convenient. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper. Additionally, you don’t have to spend time standing in a queue at one of the regular pharmacies. You merely get your prescription pills delivered right to the door.

Who can find a remote ED service useful?

ED patients with persistent inability to perform in the bedroom. There are certain medications that you cannot combine with ED medications. Make sure that you don’t take nitrates, coronary artery disease meds, and nitroglycerine before taking any ED medications on your own.

What are the basic ED treatments available through telemedicine?

Most online pharmacies offer brand and generic medication treatment options. Such things as injections or surgery are not available via telemedicine.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

The list of causes is huge, starting from depression and obesity and finishing with alcohol consumption and the effects of the other meds a person takes regularly. You can’t launch a telemedicine service before having a consultation with a medical practitioner. A doctor will not be able to change your prescription and somehow affect your health without the knowledge about your current health indicators and your health condition.

Is it safe for my medical practitioner to share my health information with one of the representatives of a?

Definitely. Reputable online pharmacies understand that their reputation entirely depends on their ability to preserve the clients’ anonymity. Your data concerning the intimate problems will be safe from anyone willing to misuse it.