ED Drug Prices Soar

ED drugs have already demonstrated efficiency. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies keep manufacturing these miraculous pills, chewies, gels, creams, injections, and more. ED and PE drog are competitive products, which should result in a wider range of prices and an abundance of cheaper options. Nevertheless, the prices on ED meds seem to be getting higher without a reason. What makes the price for healthy sex so inaccessible?

What Led to the Overpriced ED Drugs?

The thing that turned healthy sex into a financial concern is health insurance and its imperfections. Private health insurance companies, as well as governmental Medicare, don’t include ED and PE drugs into the coverage. These meds are not regarded as essential. A standard 10mg dose of brand Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra can cost up to $60!

Thankfully, the patent on the brand Viagra released by Pfizer expired in 2020. It meant that the other companies out of the United States got the right to reproduce the product and even improve the structure. Generic versions of “vitamin V” flood the market, and even Pfizer decided to release the generic replacement of their pwn brand drug in 2017.

Prices on ED meds finally dropped.

Saving on ED Meds Tips

ED meds are often a lot more expensive than general healthcare meds. Nevertheless, there are essential things to remember. First and foremost, online stores with inexpensive general cost are a good way to start, and Happy Family Pharmacy is a case in point, with its monitoring of budget conscious prices. The service supports the initiative of insurance companies that promote the use of generic drugs through reduced deductibles. Here are some other tips:

TOP 5 Basic Hints

1. Generics This step is essential. Brand-name medications have massive advertising companies, which displaces a ton of alternatives from the market. Almost all renowned drugs have powerful replacements produced by reputable manufacturers. ED meds are among them.
2. Big Supplies Try making bulk purchases that will be enough for 90 days. Buying one pack of magic blue pills monthly can be non-profitable, especially if you deal with an online drugstore. Such pharmacies offer seasonal discounts and provide customers with instructions and emergency consultations.
3. Bigger Doses Ask your physician or pharmacist whether you can split your habitual pills into halves. For example, if you have to take a 5mg pill daily, you can buy a more cost-effective option of 10mg. You’ll get more medicine but the price for one dose will get cheaper. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t split some of the ED and PE pills.
4. Another Pharmacy Scan the neighborhood for another pharmacy in the area or online. Investigate prices. You’ll be surprised to know that prices on meds vary drastically depending on many factors. Some pharmacies work in cooperation with third-parties. There are also ones purchasing pharma products directly from the makers. The second ones usually have lower price tags due to the absence of the necessity to work with middlemen.
5. Assistance If you are suffering from a severe condition that makes you experience daily pain and discomfort, you can ask non-profit organizations for assistance. You can also contact the manufacturer directly and ask whether they offer any special programs and assistance in medical treatment for severely sick patients.

More Advice on How to Pay Less

  • Stick to the online pharmacies more than to the brick-and-mortar ones. They offer coupons, saving cards, trial offers, and free samples.
  • Don’t ignore generic medications and google for their names before getting disappointed after you find out Viagra and Cialis are not on the health insurance list. Generic ED meds have the same chemical structure, and you can find them under the names of Vardenafil, Tadalafil, ad Sildenafil. Many health insurance companies are more interested in adding these meds to the meds list.
  • A copayment can partially cut your expenses. In this situation, your health insurance will cover a part of your non-essential generic meds, and you will cover the rest.

More Treatments & Lifestyle Change Reduce ED Meds Consumption

No medicine is effective if you don’t follow the recommendations of your medical practitioner. These recommendations include lifestyle changes, eating habits, and physical activity. If you manage to follow a diet, get enough sleep, and pay attention to the current drawbacks of your everyday life, you can significantly reduce the consumption of ED meds, thus saving on your healthcare expenses. Besides, there are additional medical procedures and specific forms of ED drugs that you might find cheaper and more effective.

  • Penile injections. It’s a painless injection that you can make yourself without trouble. It’s a magic potion, triggering the erection at once. Of course, you should study the potential unwanted reactions first.
  • If self-injection is not for you, you can use a dissolvable pellet. It’s an insertable urethral tool activating in ten minutes after use.
  • Vacuum pump. It’s a plastic cylinder making the blood flow into the veins of the penile area. It’s a mechanic tool that can sometimes replace your ED treatment if you have enough time before the sexual intercourse. About 75% of men agree that it’s a very potent tool. Remember that a penis pump does not make the penis longer. It’s a popular misconception that you should avoid.
  • Surgery. A mechanical implantable pump consisting of a reservoir, cylinders, and a pump itself helps the penis sustain the rection when needed. Of course, you can’t avoid risks if you don’t follow your surgeon’s instructions. A mechanical breakdown and infection might appear if you are a careless patient. Anyway, this mechanical tool can help you cut on your monthly ED expenses.
  • Sex therapy. Anxiety can block a healthy erection. You should probably visit a sexual health professional able to help you realize the underlying problems. You might be in a depressing or toxic relationship, and it’s normal for a young, healthy man to have an unstable or weak erection if a relationship is painful. In this case, you don’t need ED pills at all.
  • Hormone therapy. Many issues can cause your problem. One of them is insufficient testosterone levels. A specific blood test that won’t cost you a fortune will help you find out whether it’s a hormonal problem or not. Sufficient hormone therapy will help you get rid of the problem in a short time, once and forever.

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