Forskolin, corleus forskohlii, is a natural chemical compound that has been found to provide useful components to one’s body and overall health. As a plant that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, why is it becoming popular now?

The root is rich in Forskolin, which increases the activity of cyclic adenosine monophosphate – a messenger molecule that regulates the body’s metabolism of proteins, glucose, lipids, and even the function of hormones such as adrenaline.

Here are five health benefits of Forskolin Extract that will blow your mind.

Healthy Heart

Coleus forskohlii is used to treat congestive heart failure, hypertension, and angina. These conditions are among the most common uses for Forskolin extract. The primary cardiovascular effects of Forskolin are to lower blood pressure while increasing the contractility of the heart. The cAMP-elevating ability is said to be the cause of reducing blood pressure as it relaxes the arteries and increases the contraction force of the heart muscle.

A recent study involving seven patients with dilated cardiomyopathy revealed the dramatic improvement of the left ventricular function as well as better cardiovascular performance. Research also shows that Forskolin can help increase cerebral blood flow, which indicates how beneficial the extract can be towards enhancing post-stroke recovery and cerebral vascular insufficiency.

Helps Manage Weight

Forskolin has provided promising results in its ability to prevent weight gain in obese people. When used combined with a healthy lifestyle, Forskolin can be helpful in managing a healthy weight.

Various Vitro studies revealed that Forskolin stimulates the lipolysis – the breakdown of fats in fat cells. Sciences conducting research at Penn State University have also found that people with obesity are shown to have a below-average cAMP production. Based on these findings, researchers have theorized that Forskolin might help as a weight loss aid, especially for those with low cAMP production.

Effective Addition to Treating Cancer

Forskolin activates the protein phosphatase 2, which is an enzyme that causes rapid cell division. A study at the University of Madrid found that Forskolin had anti-tumor effects on rectal cancer tumors that stopped the growth. As a result, the study revealed that depending on the type of rectal cancer, Forskolin may provide useful results on slowing for tumor growth and stopping altogether.

It was also discovered that Forskolin could cause apoptosis, cell death in multiple myeloma cancer cells. Ultimately, taking Forskolin along with chemotherapy drugs can reduce the effects that are caused by treatments.

Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the most ancient herbal uses for Forskolin is to treat heart conditions like hypertension. A study in India revealed that the Forskolin extract could reduce blood pressure in more than 75% of patients who were tested. The power against high blood pressure may be due to the effects on how Forskolin improves the heart. The effects on blood pressure played a highly significant role and showed the efficiency of the treatment, which proved that Forskolin was an effective treatment for hypertension. While the reduction was slight during the treatment, it could be used to regulate blood pressure over an extended period.

Reduces Blood Sugar

A recent study in 2014 involved the use and effects of Forskolin in rats with oxidative stress and glycemia. The study indicated that regular administration of Forskolin could decrease fasting blood glucose levels. The conductive study proved how effective Forskolin is for treating both prediabetic and diabetic patients.

However, more extensive research must be done to determine the level of efficiency. The study revealed no signs of antioxidant activity but does suggest its use in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Other Benefits

Other advantages of using Forskolin have been shown such as managing asthma attacks, treating symptoms of glaucoma, and can even be used for Alzheimer’s treatment. In fact, there are currently many studies on Forskolin that links the treatment for the pre-stages of Alzheimer’s. According to the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, in 2016, using Forskolin was proven to reduce the risk of negative physical components that are caused by Alzheimer’s disease, such as plaque in various regions of the brain and the reduced inflammatory activity.

The recommended dosage of Forskolin Extract is usually between 100 – 250 mg a day. However, it is important to choose a high-quality forskolin with the Latin name provided on the label. Coleus forskohlii is one of the most commonly used species that is used medicinally and contained about 10% of forskolin.

Have you recently tried used Forskolin Extract? What other conditions have you finds its benefits? Please sure your experience with us in the comments below.

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